Epoxy Resin


In this workshop you will learn how to make on your own a unique set of jewelry from Epoxy Resin in combination with Art Clay Silver.

Great for beginners and 2 levels of earlier trainings in Art Clay Silver. For us to successfully overcome this technique of making jewelry, we need to get to know the way Epoxy Resin works and the directions of the manufacturer of this product.

On the market there are a lot of different kinds of resin and each and every one has different properties and different directions for use,

The possibilities of working with Epoxy Clear Resin are huge, and in the same time it is very inspiring and fun.

We will use liquid form of Epoxy Clear Resin, which is dried at room temperature and it contains 2 components:

*Epoxy Resin and hardener

Work with Epoxy Resin:

  1. mixing ingredients and ratio
  2. getting pure invisible resin for application
  3. mixing colors and getting resin in different colors for application
  4. applying to opened and closed surfaces
  5. combining with molds for making different kind of jewelry
  6. adding a painting, stones, natural flowers, shells and….. the ideas don’t stop there
  7. drying the resin
  8. Polishing
  9. Finalizing the project


- 7 gr. Art Clay Silver
- Epoxy Resin
- Color and supplements for making of the jewelry

If you have any already made pieces from silver clay, if you want to you can bring them with yourself to the workshop and decorate them with epoxy resin, giving them a special stamp to your work. Tools and molds are provided for use in the workshop.

*Tools are provided for use in the workshop. Your own set of tools, you can order after the workshop is finished.

*Number of people: 6
*Duration of the workshop: 5 hours
There are no additional expenses.
Price: 100 €

*The workshop can take place in your city.

The term is a group of 6 people and the group to provide space for the workshop.

*Groups, schedule and space maintenance, is appointed depending on the number of applied candidates.

*The workshop is regularly taking place in Skopje, Belgrade and Nish.

Art Clay workshop and certified courses are teached by: Katerina Ilieva.

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