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My name is Katerina Ilieva, born in the lovely city of Bitola- R.Macedonia, where art has a long tradition in music, folklore and old handicraft.First job as a stewardess,full of dynamic has brought me interesting chance to meet different kind of cultures, people and their customs.Today I live in Singapore.

Traditionally and throughout the centuries, Asia has particularly nice jewelry which takes an important place in their culture and in the status of the family. It is transferred from generation to generation with care and love. My beginning was in 2004 with teacher Arraya from Thailand, who discovered me the secrets of beading.I thought it was going to be my personal pleasure and little hobby, but she convinced me to take the path towards my next profession.Unique handmade is something I deeply respect. In time my circle of fans started to love the pieces of jewelry that represented my personality.

In the year of 2007, I went to a school and with great enthusiasm finished courses for Art Clay Silver and Gold,passed the exam and gained the status of Senior Art Clay Instructor.

Link of my certificates, for finished courses: CERTIFICATES

Link : Jewellery Design & Mannagement International School where you can see all quality and professional opportunities, different training that this school offers to its students. Link : Mrs.Tanja Sadow owner of the school and my lovely instructor, has slowly showed me the way to marvelous new worlds of precious metals and techniques. I use this occasion to thank her, for unselfishly giving her knowledge to me.

What drove me the most was a new technological wonder from Japan called: "Art Clay Silver" .

Produced with recycling, it contains nice particles of silver, copper or gold. It reminded me of the polymer clay, because you could model it in the same way, but everything that came next in making this jewelry was something different and new. With one of the finest processing techniques you get the imagined modeled shape of jewelry with the highest and purest silver quality 999, gold 22 carats or 100% pure copper.

In assembly with my personality, I’ve realized that it would be a wonderful thing to transfer the knowledge I have gained, with the same professional quality, but available to my country of Macedonia as well as to the other countries in former Yugoslavia.To teach others the different possibility of making their ideas come true and wake up hidden potential in each and every one of you, is a real challenge and a fantastic success.

A friend asked me what is my final goal? To give people my knowledge, experience, gratitude, respect, honesty, kindness, warmth, understanding… it means to give love.

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